Packing machines suited to your needs

We create professional and functional packing machines suited to the client’s needs. Our machines are designed and made with high precision. The machines provide efficiency and work comfort.

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You can gain competitive advantage with our firm

Our company designs modern packing and weighing machines which are durable, practical and efficient. We offer automatic weighing machines for bagging and packing which are suited for checkweighing different types of granulation for all sorts of products and resources.

An experienced and ambitious team of engineers

Our experienced engineers deal with not only making modern machines but also with elements of technological lines and other machines which improve working, optimize costs. The machines will allow to execute any of your orders faster.

Why us?

The years of experience and specialistic knowledge in the field make that machines work reliably. Each machine has got a guarantee. We are very flexible and we will suit our offer to your needs.

The highest standard service

We build machines and devices which shape the packaging market. The high technical and quality standard fullfil the highest standards of safety and functionality.

Machines for every industry

We operate throughout Poland in the agricultural and agricultural sector. We supply fuel depots and producers of fodder and mixtures for farm animals: cattle, pigs and poultry with our machines.