Vibrating screen

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Vibrating screens are designed to separate loose materials of different fractions. Special steel sieves with different mesh sizes are used for this. To ensure the continuity of work, the vibrating screens are equipped with a large hopper, which makes it easier to supply the machine with new material for screening, without spilling it.

The sieves placed at an angle allow the material to flow freely downwards, which is assisted by electrovibrators. By setting the sieves in motion, they simultaneously move the raw material to be screened.

Electrically driven vibrators are characterized by quiet operation, and the whole device can work without interruption, remaining ecological and environmentally friendly. The vibrating screen made of thick and durable steel profiles has been completely painted with alkyd paint.

This ensures the highest corrosion resistance, as well as an aesthetic appearance and makes it easier to keep clean. The vibrating screen can be used to screen pellets, grains, grains and other bulk materials. Interchangeable screens with different mesh sizes provide the screen with a multitude of applications.