Weighing machine

Weighing machine

Weighing machine, otherwise known as weighing and packing machine, belongs to reliable and simple packing machines.

It belongs to the devices that facilitate work. The use of bagging machines works well both in industry and agriculture. High efficiency and uncomplicated operation are their great advantages.

The designed and solidly constructed weighing machine is used for weighing and packing loose products with various degrees of granulation (depending on the type of machine), such as: sand, gravel, aggregate, pellets, fine coal, eco-pea coal, fodder, various types of fertilizers, grain, bran, beans, bark, etc. Weighing machine is designed and adapted to weighing out specific portions by filling paper, foil and polypropylene bags. Weighing and packing loose materials takes place in a weighing bin, where a given amount of input material goes to the bag. The packing machine is equipped with a handle for attaching bags to ensure reliable operation.

Closing the packed bag can optionally take place with the use of a professional welding machine or stapler. Work and control of the weighing machine can be based on a belt or pneumatic actuators.


Depending on the customer’s needs and the method of operation and additional equipment, we offer the possibility of expanding the bagging machines without incurring additional costs of purchasing a new, next machine.

We make various types of bagging machines:

  • manual baggers, without programmable weight. In this case, the mass of raw material in the bag is not fully repeatable (the closure is controlled by the operator).
  • Semi-automatic pneumatic weighing machines, which have a weight, and the machine is operated by compressed air driven actuators.
    Semi-automatic weighing machines with a conveyor belt, which have a weight, and the machine is operated by means of a belt transporting the material to the bag.

We offer designs and execution of our structures tailored to customer needs, industrial requirements and the nature of production by:

  • different capacity of the charging
  • hopper,
  • various bag handles,
  • individual dimensions width / height
    adjusting the product to the specifics of the customer’s material and packaging.


Weighing machine equipment:

  • Electric power supply – 230 V

  • Pneumatic supply 8 bar (for pneumatic version)

  • Electronic scales and material checkweighing system. (possibility to legalize the scale)

  • The capacity is 3 tons per hour for one-man operation

  • Hopper capacity from 0.2 m3 to 3 m3

  • Packing in bags from 1 kg to 50 kg

  • Adjustable platform every 5 cm

  • Electric box equipped with a PLC controller (automation from reputable companies)

  • Guards for moving parts

  • Safety switch

  • Transport lugs for the forklift

  • Machine operation and maintenance manual

  • EC declaration of conformity and CE marking



  • Pneumatically operated clamp for holding the bags
  • Foot pedal (sequential machine operation)
  • Wheels adapted to the load capacity of the machine
  • Access ladder
  • Adjustable bag holder (depending on the size of the bag)
  • Roller platform, for transporting bags from the place of bagging to the place of closure (stapler, welding machine)
  • Extensions (increasing the capacity of the hopper, they can be screwed or welded)
  • Conveyor belt