BIG-BAG bagging machine

BIG-BAG bagging machines solve the problem of manual packaging of this type of bags, which was not only physically demanding, but also difficult. This is mainly due to the fact that the weight and dimensions of the big-bag make manual loading inaccurate, because the wrong arrangement of the bag means that much less material can be placed in it, and manual weighing significantly extends the process.

Our BIG BAG loading station is a device whose purpose is to pack loose, granular or dusty materials into BIG BAGs. Packers of this type automate BIG-BAG loading, which results in relieving employees, increasing packaging efficiency, and improving quality (weighing becomes much more accurate and repeatable).

The bagging machine has an automatic material weighing system with the possibility of changing the portion size.

Weighing takes place using a special dispenser, and the net weight is located above the bag fastening station. As a result, the material weighing cycle takes place upwards (hanging scale), and the process is faster and more repeatable than with platform weighing.

Additionally, the standard equipment includes automatic hooks for suspending BIG BAG bags, and a sealing system (pneumatic grippers for tightening the bag’s hopper). This allows for a faster, smoother exchange of bags, and protects against unwanted detachment of the funnel or leakage. The weighing and packing machine can be equipped with a package blowing system and receiving conveyors (roller / belt), which will transport the bag to a given place after the weighing process.

BIG-BAG bagging machines

The highest quality of machines

The whole set is easy to use and solidly constructed, with attention to every detail, which translates into trouble-free operation of the machine in all conditions. Our bagging machines have all the required EC declarations of conformity and CE marking.

Each of our machines has a warranty, with a very short waiting time for service support. Our extensive experience and know-how allows us to provide our customers with machines of high quality and reliability.

We approach each implementation of packing machines individually and adapt our packing machines to the needs and requirements of the client.